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5mW Lasers

The 5mW lasers will produce a clean line for short line applications ranging from a few inches out to about 6 feet. They work great for product placement alignment indicators, and assembly line up fixtures, among many others applications. They are available in a range of power… Click for Product Details

10mW Lasers

The 10mW laser light series are our mid-power models, and are the workhorses of our units. Used extensively in the wood products industry, they are perfect for most edger, gang rip, and headsaw installations. They are also great units for other general applications with a good average line and price balance… Click for Product Details

20mW Lasers

Our 20mW laser lights are used in many installations requiring a clean, bright line in: high ambient light environments, long line requirements, and situations that include processing materials with dark, matte, varied, or irregular surfaces. They feature easy installation and long life, saving you time, wasted material and money… Click for Product Details

30mW Lasers

The 30mW series of laser lights are the highest power models that we manufacture. They will produce a clean line for applications in high ambient light conditions and long line requirements. They are available in a range of power input configurations… Click for Product Details

Lumberline Laser, Inc.

Lumberline laser has served industry since 1985 by producing reliable laser products that increase productivity and lower operating cost. Applications include the lumber industry, producers of architectural marble, metal fabricators, and any other application where visual pre-alignment for material processing is required. We have engineered our products based on extensive field testing. They feature long life, quality materials, ease of installation and quick adjustment, with the minimum of maintenance. Our lasers are manufactured in the U.S.

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